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Weatherford HVAC Contractor Offers Advice

Weatherford Texas HVAC Contractor Jeff McKenzie, Owner of Glenn Aire Company, has some sage advice for lowering your heating costs this winter.

Winter is short in Texas but this year we are expecting a colder than normal season. Also, due to El Nino we are expecting a wetter than normal winter. Colder and wetter may mean more snow and ice than we have seen since 2010… which was a very cold and icy winter.

So, aside from hunkering down with a good book, a warm fire, and a hot toddy what can you do to make winter more fun? How about lowering your heating bills? We all like saving money… right?

The good news is that fuel costs are lower now than they have been in many years due to the plentiful natural gas from the Barnett Shale formation and from the generally low costs of oil on the global markets. Also good news is that most things that you need to do to lower costs are actually pretty simple… increase insulation and lower air exchange.

Increasing insulation comes in two main considerations… add more insulation to the attic or to the walls. You can either blow in insulation in the attic or lay it down. Likewise, you can often blow in insulation into the exterior walls. Of course adding an additional exterior layer such as siding can help but that can get rather more expensive.

Lowering air exchange comes in two main things you can do… either improve the seals around windows and doors, or replace the windows and doors which are inherently leaky. Caulking and weatherstrips can help a lot, but, some windows and doors are simply poorly designed and have leaks which dictate that the only solution is to replace them. Modern double or triple pane windows can dramatically improve the efficiency of the windows when it comes to heat loss. Heavy solid wood doors, or quality foam core doors can also reduce heat loss over hollow core doors or when compared to metal doors.

One thing that is often overlooked is the duct work in your attic. Leaky duct work can be a significant source of heat or cooling loss int he attic as the heated or cooled air leaks into a space where it does not good whatsoever. We can check your duct work for leaks and replace those portions where there is excessive loss.

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Glenn Aire Company has been an active Weatherford, Texas HVAC Contractor for over 30 years. Owned by Jeff McKenzie and his family the attention to detail and care provided is just like being a member of the family… you can count of Jeff and his crew to get the job done right the first time.

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