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Aledo Texas HVAC Contractor says Winter is Coming… Get Ready

Jeff McKenzie is the owner of Glenn Aire Company and has been an Aledo, Texas HVAC Contractor since 2005. Glenn Aire Company is a Family owned business.

“Winter is Coming” is a commonly uttered statement by the inhabitants of the fictional land of Westeros on the HBO series Game of Thrones. It would also be a frequently stated fact (this time of year) by the residents of the not so fictional city of Aledo, Texas.

Winters in Texas are not particularly cold or difficult when you consider winters further north. Even just another 200 miles north, in central Oklahoma, you tend to get a much colder winter with more frozen precipitation than you do in Aledo. But Aledo winters are still cold enough that you need to fire up the heating system and the means that you need to check your heating system for carbon monoxide leaks and you also need to check the seals around your windows and doors for air leaks.

Every year in Texas we hear about people who never woke up because their heating system had a carbon monoxide leak. It is easy and inexpensive to stick a carbon monoxide detector on your ceiling. In fact, if you call your local fire department they may even have a program where they will provide you with a combination fire & smoke & carbon monoxide detector for free because of grant money that is available. There is simply no good reason to not have a functioning detector in your home.

As for the leaks in your windows and doors, those can be sealed with some weatherstripping or some caulking and the cost is also very nominal. Investing a few dollars in caulking and weatherstripping can save you hundreds over the course of the winter, and by the way, cool air escapes during the winter the same way warm air escapes during the winter. Weatherstripping and caulk save money on both heating and cooling bills all year round.

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Glenn Aire Company is family owned and has been an Aledo, Texas HVAC Contractor to trust for over 30 years. Jeff bought the company in 2005 but the reason he bought the company was the quality reputation of the former owner. Quality and care and treating people like family is what Glenn Aire Company is all about. Give them a call.

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