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Benbrook Heating and Air Contractor Winter Tips and Tricks

Glenn Aire Company offers a variety of Winter Tips and Tricks.

Winter is coming to North Texas whether you are ready or not. Most years the North Texas winters are pretty mild compared to the majority of the continental U.S. This year, however, we are hearing a lot of talk about the massive El Nino in the pacific that is more powerful than any of the El Nino events for the last half century.

El Nino is an up-swelling of warm water in the pacific ocean near the California and Middle-American coast lines. In fact, El Nino runs all the way down S. America as well. The water temperatures during an El Nino are only 1 or 2 degrees warmer than normal but that is enough to affect the weather patterns.

Because of the El Nino we are forecast to have a wetter and colder than normal winter this year so it is a good idea to prepare and have your heating system checked. Cleaning out the burners and the ducts can make your air flow better and make sure that you do not have any debris in the heater that might catch fire or cause damage to the system. Making sure that the air ducts are not leaking air into the attic helps to make sure that you do not waste any money heating dead air space.

Other good ideas include caulking the windows and applying good weatherstripping to the bottoms of outside doors. If your budget can afford it and if you have not already done so you could consider installing newer double or triple pane windows and if any of your outside doors are either metal or hollow core you should replace them with either sold wood or foam core doors to reduce heat transfer.

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