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Granbury Heating Service Company Explains Why Trane Furnaces Are The Best Choice For Your Home

Granbury Heating Service Company, Glenn-Aire, Explains Why Trane Furnaces Are The Best Choice For Your Home.

When searching for a new home furnace, there are a number of factors to consider. But however you approach it, if you focus on the top-unit’s out there by Trane, it will make your search easier.

Furnace ratings are based on the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency system, aka “A.F.U.E.”. The greater the A.F.U.E., more fuel is converted to produce heat. Older furnaces typically have a A.F.U.E. of about 65 percent, while the most efficient furnace now available is 97 percent. The E.P.A. requires a minimum A.F.U.E. of 78 percent, meaning that at least 78 percent of the fuel must be converted to heat your home. Furnace efficiency is an important factor in making a new furnace decision. An improvement in fuel, reduces your fuel bill & saves you money.

XV 95 Gas Furnace

Offers one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry at 96.7 percent. It also includes a variable speed fan that adjusts to allow for a consistent flow of steady, warm air, as well as a two-stage gas heater that provides increased control adjustment for comfort.

XL 90 Gas Furnace

With an efficiency rating of 92 percent, this system provides a two-stage heater that prevents temperature swings. You also get   gentle warmth consistently throughout the day & throughout your home. Because of its high-efficiency, you will have lower energy costs over the long term.

XT 80 Gas Furnace

If you live in a more temperate climate, and cost is a considerable issue, then XT 80 is the right choice. With an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 80 percent, it is still more efficient than your current furnace. You will have a reduction in  efficiency with this model (compared to the others), but in environments with more stable, comfortable temperatures, you won’t be running the unit very much.

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