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Benbrook Heating Contractor talks home humidifiers and Heating

Benbrook Heating Contractor, Glenn Aire Company, Owner Jeff McKenzie talks home humidifiers and Winter Heat.

When we close up our homes for the cold weather season we often forget that the indoor air can be every bit as unhealthy as outdoor pollution. It is important to pay particular attention to the humidity of our air indoors during the winter. Winter air is often much drier than the rest of the year and this can make our sinus cavities more susceptible to infection and result in discomfort and illness. Having a and using a humidifier can solve these issues.

How does an integrated home full house humidifier work?

During the winter your comfort relies on two things:  temperature and humidity.  The humidifier in your home regulates the amount of relative humidity to ensure the best possible comfort for you and your family.  You may choose to utilize a portable humidifying unit or a unit installed within the duct-work of your home’s air conditioning and heating system.


  • Having the correct humidity plays a vital role in reducing static electricity.
  • The correct humidity prevents the drying out of wooden furniture
  • Humid air reduces nasal congestion
  • Humidifiers also help reduce dry, itchy skin and chapped lips
  • Proper humidity also prevents wooden musical instruments from shrinking, cracking, or going out of tune

Humidifiers are necessary for you to maximize your comfort.  Please call us at to discuss a humidifier solution that is right for you.

Benbrook Heating Contractor Glenn Aire Company was originally established in 1975 in Granbury Texas and has operated under the same name since originally formed. In March of 2005, after 30 years, Glenn decided to retire and turned over the helm to Jeff McKenzie. Jeff and his family live in the Granbury and Benbrook areas and are active in their community.

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