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Granbury HVAC Repair Service shares money saving tips to heat your home.

Granbury HVAC Repair Service Glenn-Aire shares money saving tips to heat your home.

As a homeowner you know that your home’s energy bills dramatically increase during the winter months.  The good news is that there are steps you can take to help curb this.  Listed below are a few suggestions to keep you warm without breaking the bank:

  • Maintain tightly shut windows so that warm air inside doesn’t escape.
  • First floor doors should stay closed.  Second floor doors may remain slightly open to allow rising warm air to enter.
  • Switch the direction your ceiling fan rotates, so that the fan will push warm air downward.
  • Take advantage of the sun’s radiant heat by opening blinds & drapes during the day.  The sunlight should make a noticeable difference in the way the room feels.
  • Avoid overly adjusting your heater’s thermostat.  Every degree above 68 will significantly affect your heating bill.
  • Ensure your fireplace’s damper is closed when not in use.  Allowing it to remain opened allows unwanted cool air to travel inside.

Again, while there is no getting around your energy bills increasing during winter, the cost of heating your home does not have to get out of control.  Save a few bucks this holiday by being smart about the way you stay warm.

Granbury HVAC Repair Service Glenn-Aire was established in 1975 as a sole proprietorship by Glenn D. Cornelius & is located in Granbury, Hood County, Texas. The business has operated uninterrupted under the same name since originally formed. In March of 2005, after 30 years, Glenn decided to retire & turned over the helm to Jeff McKenzie.

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