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Granbury Heating Repair Service Company Explains Heat Pump Hybrid Systems

Heating RepairGranbury Heating Repair Service Company, Glenn-Aire, Explains Heat Pump Hybrid Systems.

Hybrid systems benefit from using a furnace instead of an air handler inside your home.  This allows a fossil fuel furnace to be used as the back-up heat source for the heat pump instead of resistant heater used in an air handler.

This is usually done when the existing furnace does not need to be replaced & air conditioning fictions are being added to the home, or if there is insufficient electrical capacity for electric heat.

With the flexibility of two energy sources, the system can actually optimize your utility use by switching back & forth to whichever source is most efficient for your comfort.

Even in northern climates, the electric heat pump can find enough ambient heat in the air to keep your home warm & comfortable well into fall. But when there’s not enough ambient heat & a fossil fuel becomes the most efficient option, the system will switch to either natural gas or heating oil for the toasty, cozy heat of a furnace. The system’s switch point is set automatically by your dealer, but can be overridden with the Comfort Control Module.

When winter ends & warm temperatures return, the heat pump will reverse its operation.  Instead of finding ambient heat in the air, it will pull the heat out of your home & radiate it outside. The furnace won’t ignite, but will instead serve as a variable-speed blower to move the cooled air produced by the heat pump. This year-long efficiency is what makes hybrids such a smart choice.

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