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Granbury H.V.A.C. Repair Company On How To Get Dependable Performance From Your A.C. With Regular Inspections

Granbury H.V.A.C. Repair Company, Glenn-Aire, On How To Get Dependable Performance From Your A.C. With Regular Inspections

Some homeowners have the idea that it’s enough if their H.V.A.C. system is inspected once a year.

But that’s not enough. To have your system running at maximum efficiency, you should have it inspected by a professional, like the ones at Glenn-Aire, at least twice a year.

Filters, the part of your Air Conditioning that safeguards the parts from dust & dirt, should be closely monitored by homeowners for build up. When a large amount of dust accumulates, they should not only be replaced, but the parts also exposed to the dust and dirt cleaned as well. With dirty air filters, the overall quality of the air you breath inside is sub par. This can be the cause of serious health problems which can affect not only family members, but pets as well.

Without proper maintenance, your Air Conditioning unit will consume more energy than expected, causing an unnecessary increase in your bills as well.

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Not only could small problems become bigger ones, but you won’t be using your system to its fullest efficiency. Our technicians will make the necessary adjustments to ensure a dependable operating system.

Granbury H.V.A.C. Repair CompanyGlenn-Aire, was established in 1975 as a sole proprietorship by Glenn D. Cornelius and is located in Granbury, Hood County, Texas. The business has operated uninterrupted under the same name since originally formed. In March of 2005, after 30 years, Glenn decided to retire and turned over the helm to Jeff McKenzie.

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