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Granbury Air Conditioning Repair discusses draftproofing doors

Granbury Air Conditioning Repair Glenn-Aire Company discusses draftproofing doors.

Having uncontrolled drafts is a very inefficient way to ventilate your home. Drafts can cause great discomfort as well as a substantial amount of heat loss.  Threshold seals are a great way to combat these drafts.

Threshold seals help fill the gap between the bottom of an exterior door and the floor, the place where air tends to flow to and from.  We recommend buying a threshold seal that fits your door exactly; if unavailable, then purchase the next bigger size.  You will be able to cut it accordingly.


Brush Seals

These seals contain long nylon-brittle brushes and are best for uneven floors and textured floor coverings.  Brush seals can be fitted for hinged or sliding doors.

Flexible Strip Seals

These are plastic coverings that sweep against the floor covering in order to eliminate the gap. There are a variety of types available; the simplest form is self-adhesive strips.

Spring Hinge Seals

This seal contains a plastic strip and clip that are spring loaded allowing it to lift from the floor as the door is opened.  Closing the door forces the seal to press against the floor.  They are quiet and designed for use with both interior and exterior doors.

Door Kits

These kits are great for exterior doors as they are engineered to repel rainwater.  An additional rubber or plastic weather bar is included.


Sealing your doors is an important step in helping control ventilation and create a more comfortable home.

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