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Weatherford AC Repair Winter Service Advice

Jeff McKenzie, owner of Glenn Aire Company, asks… Why Should You Care About AC Repair in the Winter?

The answer is easy – air conditioning is about more than just cooling your air. It is also about heating it and making sure that the humidity level is set at an optimal level, and that the air is clean and free of dust, and dirt, and allergens. Conditioning the air means making it better for your lungs and your skin. “The quality of the air you breathe has a direct impact on your health and energy levels”… so says Weatherford AC Repair contractor Jeff McKenzie!

Modern homes are much tighter than homes built a few years ago. Homes built since the late 1990s have closer and better quality seals around the windows and doors that homes built in the 1960s through the 1990s. Also, since the 1990s homes have been wrapped with a plastic paper liner that helps to prevent air exchange through the walls.

More recently home builders have begun using more insulation in the walls and the ceilings and this also helps to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air throughout the year. The downside of all these improvements is that the indoor air can become polluted with the chemicals we use for cleaning. Also, when someone is sick the lack of air exchange with the outside environment means that the germs and bugs and viruses stay within the air circulatory system.

If you do not have an air cleaning system designed to remove bacteria, viruses, and allergens the air in your home can actually become much lower quality than you would expect. It can make you sick. In addition, not having a humidifier that keeps the air humidity levels optimal you can increase the probability of bacterial growth. You can dry the air out too much and cause sensitive sinus linings to crack and enable infection through the cracks caused by air that is too dry.

Glenn Aire Company is a certified expert in home air quality and can help you improve the air quality. Please give us a call and we will be glad to provide an assessment so that you can know whether or not your indoor air quality can be improved.

Weatherford AC Repair Contractor Jeff McKenzie has owned Glenn Aire Company since 2005. Glenn Aire Company is a family owned business. The McKenzie family all help, including Matt and Brooke who work every day to make every client feel like a member of the family. Give Jeff, Matt and Brooke a call at 817-736-1012 to schedule an appointment or to answer any questions that you have or request service online.

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