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Tolar AC Repair discusses indoor air quality management

Tolar AC Repair Glenn-Aire discusses indoor air quality management for your home.

Glenn-Aire Company offers award winning Trane products for your home.  Trane specializes in air conditioning and heating equipment designed for superior performance as well as energy-efficiency.  One such product, the Trane CleanEffects™ Clean Air System, is setting a new standard for clean indoor air quality.

Standard air cleaners on the market have filters that are very dense. They try to stop the dust by trapping it in a slightly porous filter. The fewer the pores the more dust it can trap. However, this not only stops the dust and dirt, but it also stops the air from moving as well. In other words, the amount of air that goes through your system is reduced so you may not be as comfortable. Less air is cleaned efficiently. This is called pressure drop. The revolutionary Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system has the lowest pressure drop with the highest efficiency possible. Its unique patented technology is designed to let air flow freely through the most advanced filtration system available. This results in more of your air cleaned faster and more effectively than anything else on the market.

Trane CleanEffects™ utilizes patented breakthrough air cleaning technology to remove up to an astounding 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ filter. What’s more, Trane CleanEffects™ has been performance-tested by LMS Technologies and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E) with the results verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health, so you know you’re getting an air filtration system like no other.

Trane continues to set the industry standard when it comes to home air conditioning and heating systems.  Now, Trane is setting the standard for air quality management.  Call us today at 817-326-5311 for more information.

Tolar AC Repair Glenn-Aire was established in 1975 as a sole proprietorship by Glenn D. Cornelius and is located in Granbury, Hood County , Texas . The business has operated uninterrupted under the same name since originally formed. In March of 2005, after 30 years, Glenn decided to retire and turned over the helm to Jeff McKenzie.

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