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Granbury HVAC Repair Service Helps You Choose The Proper Air Purifier

Granbury HVAC Repair Service, Glenn-Aire, Helps You Choose The Proper Air Purifier.

One of the simplest ways to improve the overall quality of your daily life, is with a premier air purifier from Trane. Studies have shown that the inside of your house can actually be more hazardous to your health than the polluted outside air.

Technology First

Look for a product that has a H.E.P.A. filter, an electrostatic precipitator & a Clean Air Delivery Rate (C.A.D.R.) of 250 or greater. Most air purifiers will list these figures in their product description or on the side of the package. If you need advice on which Train Purifier would work best for your home, contact Glenn-Aire, an authorized dealer, and we can help you through the process of deciding.

Shape & Noise 

Most consumer-oriented air purifiers are fairly compact, but you should still think about the size of the unit you intend on purchasing & how it’ll work in your home’s layout. Consider not only the right type, but how it will work with the decor of your home.

Noise is important to consider when buying air purifiers. Review the stated decibel level for the model you are considering. If excessive noise doesn’t really bother you, then you can choose any model that meets your other requirements.


As with every consumer purchase, spending a little extra can reap big rewards down the line. Opting for a bargain basement air purifier could seem fine temporarily, but oftentimes cheaper alternatives won’t be worth it.

At Glenn-Aire, we can help you on the path to purchasing your air purifier. And to enhance your indoor air quality, don’t forget to get your H.V.A.C. serviced at least twice a year to ensure it’s running in top shape.

Granbury HVAC Repair Service companyGlenn-Aire, was established in 1975 as a sole proprietorship by Glenn D. Cornelius & is located in Granbury, Hood County, Texas. The business has operated uninterrupted under the same name since originally formed. In March of 2005, after 30 years, Glenn decided to retire & turned over the helm to Jeff McKenzie.

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