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Commercial Maintenance

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Not spending money unnecessarily as a business owner is a smart strategy toward success. To cut costs, sometimes owners will decide against spending on regular commercial HVAC maintenance, since their systems and equipment seem to be running well. That is a mistake. By having regularly scheduled maintenance performed, you are actually saving money in the long run, since many repairs are preventable with regular maintenance. This saves you money in two ways––the repair itself and you not losing production time from employees who need to stop working due to the HVAC incapacity. Setting up a preventive maintenance agreement or contract with professionals ensures your system is serviced regularly and customized to your company’s specific needs.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

By purchasing a commercial HVAC preventive maintenance agreement, your system’s equipment is serviced on a regular basis, typically quarterly, to avoid problems and breakdowns. The professionals servicing your company, like the ones at Glenn Aire Co, can customize a plan that best suits your company’s needs. Maybe you don’t need every piece of equipment serviced quarterly, only a few. Maybe your system is very nuanced and needs more frequent visits. Whatever your business needs, an agreement can be customized to address those needs. When setting up your agreement, be sure to ask your professional how long each maintenance visit will take, what needs to be done to improve your system’s performance, and after each visit if he or she will be reviewing any maintenance issues with you. These three things in particular can help you decide which company can best serve your business when deciding which HVAC company to use for your HVAC maintenance program.

Advantages to Regular Maintenance

The biggest advantage of regular HVAC maintenance is cost savings. By servicing your equipment on a regular basis, these same professionals will become familiar with your equipment and can spot beginning problems easily, avoiding costly repairs and issues. Also, by regularly maintaining your equipment, your system will work more efficiently, using less energy and providing more comfort, translating to less money spent. Regular maintenance leads to longer lifespans for equipment as well, meaning less equipment replacements overall.

Quick HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a general seasonal checklist of tasks to be performed on your equipment:

  • Check refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks
  • Replace filters on heating and cooling equipment
  • Clear pans and drains
  • Check belts and pulleys, replacing as needed
  • Clean evaporator coils and condenser
  • Check electrical connections
  • Lubricate bearings, motors, and moving parts
  • Check fan and blower motor, adjusting as needed
  • Check for adequate airflow
  • Check thermostats and other controls
  • Inspect ignition and burner assembly
  • Inspect heat exchanger

Benbrook, TX, business owners can save money by having their commercial HVAC equipment regularly maintained by professionals. Call Glenn Aire Co at 817-736-1012 to discuss how our experts can help your business and what type of commercial preventive maintenance plan would best suit your needs.

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Great service on a short notice! My busy schedule makes me forget to take the time on my unit like I should.I depend on Glenn-Air to keep me up to date through their maintenance program. Not for sure if Wesley was the tech or not but he called before to make sure it was convenient and when he arrived put on shoe covers to make sure he didn’t damage anything. And most of all, he showed my dog some attention. Customer for life. Eddy P.

Nathan came at the appointment time and very professionally went about his work order for our spring A/C check-up. He pointed out any potential problem areas and suggested fixes. He was thorough and went about the job in a professional way. He is a good representative of his company.

Bruce O.

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